In late 2007, the founder members of the band, David Gibson, Scott Phillips, Ron McKay and George Black, considered forming Carnoustie’s first ever Pipe Band.  Subsequent information from former band piper David Fyfe reveals that a pipe band thrived in Carnoustie earlier last century. Click here for his fascinating account.  

After consulting with, and adding a few other prominent local players, a few practices were then held with the Practical Pipers Society, a local piping group, to see if the idea of a band was feasible. The practices went very well and in March 2008, the Carnoustie and District Pipe Band was formed.

With the help of various local groups, Piping and Drumming lessons commenced at the town’s Burnside Primary School, with the main band practising in the Panbride Church Hall on Arbroath Road. The formation of the pipe band could not have happened without the huge support from the local community. Local businesses and organisations such as the Carnoustie Gala Committee and Carnoustie Community Council have all been of immense importance in the early days of the pipe band, and continue to be valuable assets.

The band made its first public performance at Carnoustie Gala Day in 2008, and continues its support of the event each year. The band continues to advance and now boasts a healthy membership. We are dedicated to the promotion of piping and drumming and appreciate the support of the local community. The band continues to make progress through participation in local, national and international competitions.